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Placid Pools has been a family run business since its inception in 1978!

In 1978, Joe Spelta was working for a pool construction company that hit hard times and collapsed, leaving clients with empty, half-finished pools in their back gardens. Joe felt he had made a commitment to finish those pools, so he did – all on his own.

With his Italian commitment to quality combined with Aussie grit and tenacity, this wasn’t enough for Joe, who had a dream of creating the largest swimming pool display centre in Australia. That dream became a reality in 2004, when Placid Pools opened their showroom on the where they continue to operate today.

It was important to Joe that the next generation of his family took an interest in his passion, and as such, they were swimming before they were walking. Growing up locally, the kids could be seen at Tobruk Swimming Pool or natural creeks and waterholes in FNQ. They have often been the source of ambitious and creative pool designs for the entire Spelta family – with some added Italian quality and flare for good measure.

Placid’s commitment to both quality and customers has led to over 9000 pool installations, where Joe’s children Tanya, Amanda and Mark (along with a team of dedicated staff and experienced Craftsmen & Wonder Women) now run daily operations, exemplifying the family work ethic and pool knowledge and their combined skill and passion for pool construction.

With the ability to cover more of your pool installation in-house than any other competitor in the country, Placid Pools continues to be a family-ran business that offers only the highest quality in services and products – it would be our true pleasure for you to let our family build for your family and turn the dreams you’ve had about how you would like to live, into your reality.

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