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Water balance is the key

To keep your Pools and Spas sparkling at all times you’ll need to check your water balance regularly. This is crucial to ensure a pleasant healthy swimming experience and to prolong the life of your pool surface & equipment. Get your pool water tested regularly (at least every 2 weeks) at the Placid Pools Lifestyle Centre. Our expert staff will work out the correct water balance for your pool or spa, based on years of experience and accurate computerised water testing. This is a free service for regular purchasing customers ($5 for one-off tests or non-purchasing customers).

You do not need to be an expert yourself – trust and rely on the expertise of Placid Pools with over 39 years experience. Get the right advice about your pool or spa and the products needed to maintain exceptional water quality. Placid Pools proudly supports the Water Earth environmental initiative as accredited representatives in your area, promoting accurate water analysis, correct water treatment and water conservation.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 5.00pm

Saturday - 8.30am to 12.00pm

Sunday - Closed

Regular Service: For complete peace of mind we recommend to schedule a regular service program for your pool: Domestic, Ecosplash and Commercial Pools can be serviced directly by Placid Pools. Talk to us next time you are in the shop or call 40 388 500 to make an enquiry.

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