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Ecosplashâ„¢ - Tropical Innovation Awards - Awards
Nov 5, 2010

Placid Pools awarded "Tropical Innovation of the Year 2010". We feel humbled and inspired for our natural EcoSplash™ System to be recognised as overall winner of the inaugural Tropical Innovation Awards 2010. As market leaders in FNQ's pool industry Placid Pools is committed to continual improvement. It is one of our core values to be a driving force in promoting innovation in our region.

Placid Pools was one of 46 tropical innovators that entered into this competition. With overwhelming support from the judges their ‘EcoSplash™ System‘ was recognised as the most promising “Tropical Innovation of the Year”. Placid Pools was rewarded with the prestigious award in recognition of our invention’s potential to reflect tropical creativity to the world - and we are proud to be a part of confirming our region's relevance on the international map of clever technologies.

This invention has the potential to revolutionise not just the pool industry with our current research & development focusing on possible applications in the rejuvenation of wetlands, remote monitoring of water quality on outback stations and the like. 05 Nov 2010

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