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Innovation for a sustainable future - the EcoSplash™ System

The EcoSplash™ System is a natural water-purification system developed specifically for TROPICAL pools.  It relies on natural bio-film cultivation, filter beds with natural media, specific flow-rates and aquatic plants to produce crystal-clean pure water. Bio-Mimicry eliminates chemicals and saves power/water by replicating nature. It represents Australia’s most advanced environmentally sustainable natural pool technology and revolutionises tropical pools worldwide.

The tropical natural water filtration system key points are:

  • Does not use any chemicals to maintain a healthy water balance
  • Power efficient eco-friendly technology 
  • Water saving through storage and recycling 
  • Economically and environmentally sustainable
  • Increases biodiversity

Placid Pools is currently the only pool builder able to build this natural and chemical-free swimming paradise right in your back yard utilising the EcoSplash™ System. 

As market leaders in FNQ's pool industry Placid Pools is committed to continual improvement. It is one of our core values to be a driving force in promoting innovation in our region.  We feel humbled and inspired for our natural EcoSplash™ System to be recognised as overall winner of the inaugural Tropical Innovation Awards 2010.

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