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Bathing has always been an integral part of Italian culture, so we think it’s great that now we can scientifically state that laying around in a pool is good for you. Mineral pools are full of minerals that have loads of health benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety to helping muscle recovery and easing joint pain. You can convert your pool into a mineral pool easily, or you can have one built that way.

Placid Pools offer the original Magna Pool and the Mineral Swim as the most sophisticated Mineral options on the market with health, wellbeing and environmental aspects for your family.

Magna Pool™ mineral pools are a healthy option containing magnesium and potassium to enhance your swimming enjoyment while enjoying the benefits which magnesium is known for, due to absorption through the skin.

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Mineral Swim™ is composed of authentic salts and minerals from the Dead Sea. An infusion of these Minerals in your swimming pool is like bringing the Dead Sea home, offering its natural health benefits and relaxing properties to you, right where you live.

Mineral Swim™
Combines 100% natural Dead Sea minerals with ozone-to-oxygen water purification and natural skincare to create therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear swimming experiences.

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