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Da Vinci didn’t let anyone tell him how to paint the Mona Lisa, and we see no reason why we should let anyone tell us what shape your pool has to be. With concrete we can do whatever we like, which means you get to have full creative control over shape, size, and features and finishes. Concrete pools also last longer, are easier to renovate when it becomes time to do so, and, particularly in the Far North Queensland region, don’t work out to be more expensive once you take into account the freight costs of shipping a fibreglass pool here.

Once you’ve chosen the basic shape and size of your concrete pool, you can consider water features, LED lighting, wet edging, in-pool furniture such as tables and chairs, and we’ve even created our own range of pebbled finishes to give you an extensive and unique choice of colours.


  1. Once your design has been completed to suit your space and enjoyment requirements our helpful customer service team will guide you through the pool contract

  2. When the engineering plans, Form 15, sewer and site plan are received we will submit for council approval and engage a building certifier.

    THINGS ARE UNDERWAY….we now await your Development Approval from Council

  3. Development Approval from Council – we will arrange a start date once these are received.

  4. Excavation – your Construction Manager will be onsite at approx. 7am (if not before) to ensure that your pool is marked out precisely as you request. It is imperative that you be home at this time to view the mark out. It’s also a great process to watch!

    Placid Pools use a range of machinery to excavate your pool site, this will depend on the site and access.

    Placid Pools use a range of machinery to excavate your pool site, this will depend on the site and access.

    Workplace Health & Safety – Your site will always have our ‘Danger’ and ‘Construction in progress’ signs at the front of your property, also a safety barricade is fully erected around your pool. WHS is our priority at Placid Pools.

  5. Shell – Your pool shell will now be formed up and installed over the next few days following excavation, it will then be sprayed and will need some time to cure (up to 4 weeks).

    ****This is the latest stage at which you can choose the colours for your pool****
  6. Once your coping and tiling have been ordered and arrived we will be able to attend to the process of tiling and coping around your pool. Now is the time to arrange your fencing.

  7. Fencing – will need to be installed, if this is being done by Placid Pools we will take care of it, if it is by others please have your fencing contract attend at this stage , the fence forms the final part of the pool building approval and once installed must be certified by the approvals team.

  8. Electrical – Please now ensure all power and earthing has been done ready for the equipment to maintain your new pool

  9. Filtration – Our filtration Team will come and install your filtration equipment, this stage it may be done earlier depending on the progress and situation of your pool.

  10. Pebbling – Your interior finish can now be completed. This is the magic where we can affect the colour of the final product. You will get to witness the sparkling colours of your surface once the water is in and we will have you swimming in no time!

  11. Handover – Is a few days after pebbling and or tiling to acid wash and start filling your pool. A ‘handover’ will then be booked. Which is the crucial final step in the maintaining and general operations of your pool to ensure you have years of enjoyment and value.

    Congratulations you now have a new pool!


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