So you're considering purchasing a new pool...no doubt you'll have plenty of questions about the process. Below are our most Frequently Asked Questions about new pools:

Factors that may influence the position of your pool is the location of water, sewer mains, septic system, shading from trees or house, access to other parts of the yard (a shed perhaps) and the topography of the block. You also need to determine what type of look you would like in regards to the overall aesthetic of your home. Most modern pools are integrated into the home, usually built directly next to the patio or living area. Alternatively, you may want your pool to be incorporated into an existing pergola or deck area further away from the house.
The most important factor to consider is your budget. How much can you afford to spend or borrow for your new pool? Another aspect to determine is what is the purpose and function of your future pool – is it for your children to splash in, for fitness, to entertain friends and family or purely to add value to your property? Once you have clarified these two points, it will be easier for you and us to establish a suitable size and design for your new pool.
We’ve been building pools for over 40 years. Concrete pools allow us to create absolutely any design our clients can imagine. Any shape or size is achievable with steps, wading areas, seats and water features placed where you wish. As opposed to the ‘off-the-shelf’ nature of fibreglass – where there is no option for customisation. Another factor in why we only construct concrete pools is that a well-built concrete pool is built to last and can be renovated in 20-30 years’ time to bring it back to a new pool. Lastly, the assumption that a fibreglass pool is cheaper than a custom designed concrete pool, is not correct in the FNQ region. Often the prices are similar due to the freight costs associated with getting a fibreglass shell delivered to the Far North.
An ‘average’ pool on a flat block being approx. 6m x 4m will cost around $30,000 – $35,000
Which factors affect the price of my new pool?
From contract sign up, taking into account council approval times, engineering and works beyond the construction phase such as fencing and pool surrounds the total time from start to finish is approx. 3-6 months. However, in the tropics, unforeseen inclement weather can delay construction work and this must be taken into consideration. If you are hoping to have your new pool finished for Christmas, you should be shopping earlier in the year.
If your new home once built will have sufficient access to the desired pool area for our machinery, then your new pool can be built secondary to your new home. However, if the site will not have adequate access, then you should consider constructing your pool shell first. A wise idea is to ask your builder which they would recommend for your new home.
We are experts at building pools on challenging blocks as we have the most technically capable construction crew in Cairns. We are the sought-after pool company for hillslope projects and second story swimming pools due to our extensive experience with out-of-ground pool construction. All Placid Pools are professionally engineered for the necessary support prior to construction.
Being concrete we build to every shape, depth and size. The only constraint is your budget.
Tiles, pebblecrete colours and water type are the essential selections. Beyond this you may select from the numerous optional extras available.
Heating, cooling, shade sails, robotic pool cleaners, Automatic PH levellers, chlorine feeders, Wi-Fi smart phone enabled pool controllers, variable speed pumps, hand rails and ladders, slides, play areas, pool blankets and rollers, lighting, spa and swim jets, air blowers, and water features.
Pebblecrete is a mix of selected pebbles with cement and is trowelled on with an overall thickness being about 5 – 20 mm. Once dry the surface cement is acid washed away to reveal your final pebblecrete finish and colour. You will have selected your pebbles and stone colour for your pebblecrete based off a small sample or image of that pebblecrete colour. Please be aware that the finished water colour of your pool may look different to your expectations as there are many variables which affect the colour and look of your filled pool such as the time of day, overhanging trees, shadows etc.

MagnaPool mineral pools are the new generation of water systems designed to give you more than just clean looking water. MagnaPool mineral pools are a healthy option containing magnesium and potassium to enhance your swimming enjoyment while enjoying the benefits which magnesium is known for, due to absorption through the skin. They are easier to maintain in our northern climate, perfect for those that want to manage less and swim more. But be aware when asking for Mineral pools, ensure you only ask for a ‘MagnaPool’ system as there are a lot of copy cat systems now on the market without all the benefits. http://magnapool.com/

Mineral Swim is another option for a mineral technology based on Dead Sea minerals and an added ozone making your pool water healthy and a delight to swim in.

Salt systems are the old standard that still have their place in today’s market, however we are doing less and less salt pools. There are also not the health benefits that are associated with MagnaPool Mineral or EcoSplash Pools.

EcoSplash Placidity- Swim in Nature pools are the 100% natural alternative, for those that live chemical-free and are conscious of the environment. An EcoSplash Placidity pool is also the perfect option for clients that have allergies to chemicals. Built to let nature keep your water clear even during the heaviest downpours. http://ecosplash.com.au/

Please also add http://placidity.com.au/

Yes, we can heat your pool. Heating options are solar heating from the sun, electric heating or gas heating. Solar heating reaches approx. 7degrees hotter than the standard pool temp at the time, electric heaters can reach up to approx.. 35degrees and gas heaters up to approx.. 40degrees.
An auto leveller, robotic cleaner, shade sail, pool blanket and an auto chemical feeder, remote pool automation is an emerging technology that is getting more reliable and faster, it can be setup so you can access your pools water balance reading at any time or have your local pool shop do this for you and alert when anything needs to be adjusted
With Every new Placid Pool, a full handover is completed. We demonstrate all essential steps to look after your new pool, we understand that for many clients, owning a pool is a new responsibility, so we also have qualified staff located in our retail shop to advise and help along the way during your pool ownership. Don’t hesitate to phone us to ask a question…that’s why we are here.
Most types, but we highly recommend a robotic cleaner for ease of use and clients who are time-poor. A visit to our retail store will determine which is best for you and your pool.
Placid Pools warranties for pool construction are in line with current QBCC building practices and regulations. The structural shell (which is the concrete shell) carries a warranty period of 6 Years and 3 Months. The Pebblecrete and Tiling carries a warranty period of 12 Months, this, however, is determined . You must be able to produce a service/water test printed report from your local pool shop. All equipment is covered under manufacturers warranty.

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